Monday, February 9, 2009

My 30th birthday

So we went to Houston for my 30th! We stayed at the Hilton downtown, which was REALLY nice. The kids loved it. We got to go swimming on the 24th floor. You could see the Houston skyline from the pool, and we watched people come in and out of the Toyota Center after the Rockets game.

We also went to NASA. That was super fun. The kids really enjoyed the playground there. I want to go again, sans-Brittan. Taking a baby there is not very convenient. But, it was still a good time.

Don't be jealous, but we went to Gatti-Land for dinner. Although it was MY birthday, I didn't get to go on any rides, but the kids had a great time. (again)

Sunday, we all went to Monument Inn for lunch. That was really nice. We had lunch overlooking the water, and lunch was yummmmmmmy. David saw some old friends, and maybe we can connect with them when we move to Houston...we need Houston friends!

This last picture was Kaelen and Brittan...just about 30 minutes out of Houston, on the way home.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Casey had her first meeting in the MEDIA CLUB today. It's very exciting. She was one of very few that got chosen for the club. You have to have a/b or better grades, and a good application. Her application did include that her experience in media and technology was partially based on the fact that her step-dad was on KENS 5 and he taught her 'things'. HAHA Anyway, she got chosen for the marketing and interviewing portion of the club, so she gets to wear a press pass with her picture on it, and when they go on field trips, etc. if she is taking pictures, she has to wear her pass to show she's 'valid'. I think that's so cool. ((So does she)) She'll be interviewing students and teachers and asking them things about their favorite classes and activities, and helping to sum up the life of a fifth grader and fifth grade teacher. We'll keep you posted!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

There's not much to tell at this point. We had a house showing today, and one person showed up, but it didn't sound very promising....but I guess you never know for sure!!

We've got a 3 day weekend coming up, so that'll be nice for the kids to get to spend with David.

Next month is my 30th birthday. Looks like we might be celebrating in New Orleans! So far it'll be David and 'Whitey' and me....but anyone is invited! We're probably going on the weekend of the 7th (my birthday).

Well, I'll post some pictures here, and more later. Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

From the mouths of babes.

Kaelen can be pretttttttttty funny. I'm going to post every once and awhile one of his 'priceless' quotes. Starting here:

Casey: Mom, do you think I have an Indian Princess as an ancestor?
Mom: Maybe, I dunno......
Kaelen: Well, let's just hope you don't have a Mexican guy wearing a worm suit, singing a song about tacos.

I suppose it COULD BE because we had just left a Mexican food restaurant...

Brittan is walking!!!

Yay...yay...hip hip hooraaaaaaaaay! Brittan is walking! She's proud of herself, too. She'll walk everywhere, but she's got her stubborn streak. Test this theory...if you ASK her to walk...she'll sit down and look at you. She KNOWS that you want her to, so she won't! BRAT! Here are a couple of pics!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Fun at Aunt Lynda's

Last night was a fun night with the kids. We went to a friend's house and made cookies! We also played with 'Lynda's ' dogs, named : Flag, Peyton, Emmett and Deion. (cute?!!?) Anyway, here's a couple of pics from the fun!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Angels in disguise

This morning Brittan and I went to enjoy a breakfast together. We sat down, and since we are there regularly, the waitresses came over and made their usual 'fuss' over her. Then, they went on with their work. Well....Brittan immediately looked over and started 'talking' to the lady at the next table. I thought, "Ohh man, I hate it when she does that. I don't want people feeling 'obligated' to talk to her." But she was nice and paid plenty of attention to Brittan. Before she left, she came over and asked if she could sit with us for a minute. And so she did. She sat and talked to Brittan as if she knew every word she was saying, and told me that she had a 1 yr old grandson. Whenever she'd get up to leave, Brittan would fuss, and the lady would turn around and come back. Finally, before she was 'really' ready to leave, she reached down and gave Brittan a $5 bill. She said to have a merry christmas, and went on her way. I just thought that was such a nice gesture. She has no idea how much money we have for christmas. That could've been the only gift Brittan got. I appreciate people like that. So God bless the angel we met this morning.